We provide 3 and 5-axis milling services in materials such as wood and plastic. Gauges of CNC milling are x=4800mm, y=1900mm and z=450mm.

  • Prototyping
  • milling buttstock of rifles
  • milling of various styrofoam models
  • milling cylinders for electronic roulettes
  • milling pvc handles
  • milling of plexiglass to illuminate slot machines
  • milling of motorhome molds

How to mill different materials, such as wood or plastic, at different angles is a big challenge. We know how to answer it with millimeter-precise cuts with the help of a machine that only a few workshops in Slovenia can boast of. Our staff is appropriately trained and experienced so we provide you with a top quality product that can be compared to the quality of 3D printing. We can make everything for you – from Lipizzaner to castings for motorhomes…Of course, we also offer 3-axis milling.