The equipment is what gives the space a soul. So it does matter who you trust her with. We know with wood, because we work with our hands and heart. This is evidenced by our more than 60 years of experience in woodwork. We are growing with technology, but also with our customers, as we follow trends, and at the same time, we still follow a noble tradition. We first have a client in front of our eyes. That’s why we come at your home, adjust to the financing, advise on how to make your wishes as beautiful as possible, make realistic 3D drawings of the final situation, which we do not charge for.
We take care of accuracy during delivery and installation. The premises we leave clean and tidy.
But we also love our employees. That is why we make sure that they have excellent working conditions and that they can be constantly educated.
We also invest in technology: We have state-of-the-art machines in our workshops, which cover more than two thousand square meters.
Aurostar Furniture is a winning combination!